Patent Applied for GB1316962.8

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Robust construction

Constructed from fully recyclable Nylon 6 in high-polish white prevents dirt build up and nullifies the effect of natural fading over the lifetime of the product.

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Easy Installation

The unique self close cable clamp simplifies the installation process. Constructed from self lubricating Acetal which limits cable damage and Flashover risk. The SDB|AD can be installed remotely using our insulated fibreglass telescopic pole system.

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360┬░ View angle

The self-lubricating Acetal Snap-fit, 'Free-Spin' ball socket joint - allows horizontal and vertical axis movement. The gentle 3 axis movement caused by natural airflow and the resulting flares from the reflective surfaces help to deter birds from resting on power cables.

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Self closing cable clamp

Our self closing clamp incorpoates gator teeth which, when clamped, help the AD maintain its location on the cable and prevent slippage.

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Visible benefits

Using a combination of high gloss, white main body, highly reflective highways standard reflective dots and photoluminescent zones - the SDB|AD can't be missed. The large high performance centre increases conspicuity in all conditions. Meets or exceeds necessary DIN and SAE A requirements.

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No light - no problem

Not only is the SDB|AD highly visble in daylight - come dusk the photoluminescent centre section emits a visible glow enhancing the already, industry leading, visibility.

Visible day or night



Has been designed, developed and manufactured in the UK with help and advice from world renowned experts in the fields of Avian protection, engineering design and infrastructure management. SD|AD is undergoing constant development to enhance and simplify the already, groundbreaking design features.
All information contained on this page including design features ┬ęcopyright SDB Ltd 2013.
Patent applied for - GB1316962.8

About the team

Simon Baylie

Has a construction and engineering background. Simon already manufactures and supplies avain defloctors to the meterological mast industry.

Grant Taylor

Grant has a wealth of experience in product development specifically targetting the safety and HPE industry.


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